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Arrow Series® Quick Start Guide: Download the PDF

The Arrow Series® Quick Start Guide is a fast yet comprehensive resource that explains how to unpack and get started with your Arrow GNSS receiver. A bit shorter than our Arrow Series® User Manual, the Arrow Series® Quick Start Guide covers the most popular setup steps that apply to all customers. In this guide, you will cover:

  • Unpacking your Arrow receiver and optional accessories
  • Overview of Arrow GNSS receiver physical features, including battery care and maintenance
  • Connecting via Bluetooth® to iOS®, Android, Windows and Windows Mobile
  • Installing Arrow USB Drivers (for Windows users only)
  • Overview of available Eos software utilities for iOS, Android and Windows

Last updated September 2015

Looking for a web experience? Our newest Arrow Series Quick Start Guide walks you through your Arrow GNSS receiver startup in three simple steps online:

  1. Inventory and Power Up
  2. Bluetooth connect to your mobile device (choose your own) and set up Eos Tools Pro on your device
  3. Complete your hardware setup: Mounting to range pole, handheld bracket, vest and pole, or antenna hat (choose your own)

Last updated 2021

Launch the Interactive Quick Start Guide

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