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Eos Laser Mapping™ Guide: Step-by-Step Startup (PDF)

This Eos Laser Mapping™ for ArcGIS Startup Guide is intended to help customers get up and running quickly with the Eos Laser Mapping™ solution for ArcGIS. Please note, this manual was created with ArcGIS Collector as the app used, but the same or similar steps will apply for using this solution with ArcGIS Field Maps.

This quick start guide covers the following topics.

  • Minimum hardware and software requirements
  • Creating your feature attributes in ArcGIS Pro
  • Configuring Collector to interact with Eos Tools Pro
    • Includes configurations for LTI’s laser rangefinders, including the TruPulse 200x and MapStar TruAngle
  • Overview of the 3 laser mapping methods and how to perform each:
    • Range-Azimuth
    • Range-Range (Range-Intersect)
    • Range-Backsight

Last updated 2019