Eos Arrow Partner Esri ArcGIS Collector FieldPro GPS GNSS GIS mapping

Partner App: ArcGIS QuickCapture

Eos Arrow Partner Esri ArcGIS Collector FieldPro GPS GNSS GIS mapping

ArcGIS QuickCapture is the big-button, high-speed data collection app from Eos partner Esri. When combined with Arrow GNSS receivers, QuickCapture can be used to map features from moving vehicles (or otherwise in motion) with extremely high accuracy, at speed. Arrow GNSS receivers can provide QuickCapture with submeter or centimeter accuracy at up to 20 positions per second! So every time you tap the big button app, your Arrow GNSS receiver is poised to give you a reliable position.

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Capture Data at Speed

Collect survey-grade data from a bicycle, car, helicopter, or other moving vehicle with the push of a button, when connected to Arrow.

20 Positions per Second

Arrow GNSS receivers provide precise positioning at up to 20 Hz, so no matter when you tap, your GNSS position is ready. 

Map Trails and Switchbacks

Capture every twist and turn, even with skinny trails, thanks to submeter accuracy or better with Arrow GNSS and QuickCapture.

Eos Arrow Partner Esri ArcGIS Collector FieldPro GPS GNSS GIS mapping

Transform Transportation Data

Quickly create accurate inventories of street signs, cracked pavement, and other critical observations about your roads and highways. 

Assess Crop Conditions

Farm hands with virtually no geospatial training can easily take Arrow GNSS and QuickCapture to the field and record crop health and other data down to centimeter accuracy.

Ultimate Field Efficiency

QuickCapture is designed to make data-capture easy — and so are Arrow GNSS receivers. Your crew can get up and running quickly, and accurately with this efficient combination.

Consider the Arrow Bundle

U.S. purchasers are eligible to bundle Arrow GNSS receivers with flexible ArcGIS licensing from authorized Eos resellers.

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What We Like about this Partner App: ArcGIS QuickCapture

Device Agnostic

ArcGIS QuickCapture supports Arrow GNSS receivers on iOS®, Android and Windows devices. 

Flexible and Familiar

Arrow GNSS receivers can send up to 20 positions per second straight to ArcGIS QuickCapture’s big button interface. Just push the button, and the hardware and software take care of the rest. 

High Level Support

Eos representatives can provide you with fast, free technical support as you set up ArcGIS QuickCapture with Arrow GNSS receivers. 

Precision, On the Go

ArcGIS QuickCapture and Arrow GNSS receivers are a perfect, precise mapping solution for teams who need to map fast, without sacrificing accuracy.

Velo Quebec ArcGIS QuickCapture Arrow 100 Screenshot data collection bike

Success Stories with Arrow GNSS and ArcGIS QuickCapture

Foggy Forest

Field Data Collection Improves Access to Québec Mtn Bike Trails

Velo Quebec uses Arrow 100® and ArcGIS QuickCapture to quickly map bike trails at speed. The data helps ensure land owners maintain the trails.

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Foggy Forest

Midland Co. Maps Flood Damage w/ OHM’s GPS Smart Bike

In this 2020 MiCAMP session, OHM shows how they used a GPS Smart Bike (Arrow GNSS, ArcGIS QuickCapture) to map Midland County flood damage.

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Foggy Forest

Vineyard Maps 500,000 Vines with Survey-Grade Accuracy

Learn how one premium-wine producing vineyard saved over a half-million dollars by choosing RTK cloud-based mapping over physical barcode IDs.

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What Customers Say about Arrow GNSS and ArcGIS QuickCapture

We put ArcGIS QuickCapture and the Arrow 100® to the test while ice skating on a lake near the Vélo Québec office during a harsh Canada winter. The results were remarkable: easy to use, easy to carry, and great accuracy. QuickCapture and the Arrow 100® were able to perfectly map and attribute the tracks on ice.

Mountain Biking Project Manager, Vélo Québec

Companies Using Arrow GNSS Receivers with ArcGIS QuickCapture

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