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Partner App: ArcGIS Survey123

Eos Arrow Partner App TMap by Taxus IT GPS GNSS GIS data collection

ArcGIS Survey123 is a form-based data collection app from Eos partner Esri. Survey123 natively supports Arrow GNSS locations and valuable metadata. By combining Survey123 and Arrow GNSS receivers, you can transform workflows that used to require paper forms and manual measurements into a single, streamlined, digital, and accurate data-collection workflow. With high-accuracy locations provided by Arrow GNSS receivers, you can create detailed forms in Survey123 that yield both accurate and critical information. Survey smarter, with survey-grade accuracy from Arrow GNSS receivers, in Survey123

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Capture Accurate Locations

ArcGIS Survey123 seamlessly integrates with Arrow GNSS receivers, so your teams can capture survey-grade accuracy with each form.

Ditch Paper Workflows

Say goodbye to paper forms and manual measuring tools. Data collection with Survey123 and Arrow GNSS can be done once, quickly, with high precision and no redundant labor.

Control GNSS Views

With Survey123 Connect, you can decide exactly which Arrow GNSS fields are collected, and how they are displayed in the field.

Eos Arrow Partner App Esri ArcGIS Survey123 GPS GNSS GIS data collection

Datum Shift for Your Maps

Arrow GNSS receivers are uniquely designed so you can apply a real-time datum shift to its coordinates to match your map datum.

Share Data

The Arrow GNSS locations you capture in Survey123 can be easily shared with internal and external stakeholders through other GIS applications.

Keep it Simple

Survey123 and Arrow GNSS work together to make digital GNSS data collection simple. Just pair the two, set up your forms, and anyone can start capturing high-quality data.

Consider the Arrow Bundle

U.S. purchasers are eligible to bundle Arrow GNSS receivers with flexible ArcGIS licensing from authorized Eos resellers.

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What We Like about this Partner App: ArcGIS Survey123

Device Agnostic

ArcGIS Survey123 supports Arrow GNSS receivers on iOS®, Android and Windows devices.

Robust, yet Simple

Get the benefits of digital data collection and democratized GNSS accuracy — without having to train your mobile crews in the intricate details of GIS and GNSS.

High Level Support

Eos representatives can provide our customers with technical support as you set up ArcGIS Survey123 with Arrow GNSS receivers.

Survey Smarter

Survey assets with survey-grade accuracy when you combine Arrow GNSS receivers with ArcGIS Survey132. Survey123 is one of the most robust yet accessible and customizable apps to use with Arrow GNSS receivers, thanks to the unique partnership between Eos and Esri.

Success Stories with Arrow GNSS and ArcGIS Survey123

Foggy Forest

Arcadis: Transforming asset surveys on the railway

In a ground-breaking U.K. project, Arcadis captured accurate data efficiently in a live rail environment and shared in real-time to the client.

More Info
Foggy Forest

Maine Consultancy Captures Water Infrastructure Data

Faced with a retiring workforce, Northern Forest clients began mapping assets. See how one consultancy helps them deploy Arrow 100 GNSS and ArcGIS.

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What Customers Say about Arrow GNSS and ArcGIS Survey123

In my opinion, Survey123 with the Arrow GNSS receivers are one of the easiest tools to give our field crews. When time matters in a hot or unfriendly environment, a few seconds per point adds up. This is the hardware and software combination that lets our crews get their work done as quickly and accurately as possible.

Vice President of Geospatial Solutions, Palmetto Engineering

Companies Using Arrow GNSS Receivers with ArcGIS Survey123

Eos Solutions Compatible with ArcGIS Survey123

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Survey-Grade Elevations

Eos offers free, real-time GEOID height conversions to customers using our Arrow Series® GNSS receivers. These real-time conversions eliminate the need post-processing Z values.

Learn More about Orthometric Heights in Eos Tools Pro >

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