Ecobot Eos Arrow Partner GNSS GPS GIS

Partner App: Ecobot

Ecobot Eos Arrow Partner GNSS GPS GIS

Ecobot, an Eos partner, is a software platform that enables swifter, more accurate environmental due diligence and permitting ahead of construction. Ecobot allows field teams to streamline their wetland delineations and related mapping. When combined with Arrow GNSS, field scientists can capture extremely high-accuracy positions directly within Ecobot, along with associated environmental details about the features you are mapping. Because both Ecobot and Arrow GNSS receivers are aligned with Esri’s ArcGIS platform; all the data you collect can be directly integrated into an ArcGIS ecosystem back in the office. Ecobot is also used by a growing number of firms in the AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) industry, as well as state and federal regulatory agencies, and the energy and utilities industries.

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Deep Arrow GNSS Integration

Ecobot provides a deep integration with Eos Arrow GNSS receivers, allowing for the capture, storage and delivery of GNSS metadata.

Stream RTK NMEA Data

Ecobot has deployed the Arrow GNSS NMEA string library. This means you can achieve centimeter-level accuracy directly within the Ecobot app without having any other apps open.

Ecobot Eos Arrow Partner GNSS GPS GIS

Real-Time GPS Position Accuracy

Ecobot provides a live stream of position accuracy when you are adding or modifying a sampling point location.

Streamline Natural Resources Surveying

When combined with Arrow GNSS receivers, the Ecobot app lets you perform highly accurate surveys of critical natural resources, such as wetlands.

What We Like about this Partner App: Ecobot

iOS® Optimized

Ecobot is instantly ready to deploy across organizations of any size on iPad® OS and iOS mobile devices.


Ecobot uses the Esri ArcGIS Runtime SDK for the automation of ArcGIS-ready shapefile creation of collected sampling points, and includes integrated polygon mapping, available offline without any pre-project setup.

Environmentally Passionate

The Ecobot team is passionate about their partners, customers, and the work that both do. This makes them a great company to collaborate with.

Preserve Our Planet

Eos is excited to partner with Ecobot. Their energetic team demonstrates a clear passion for environmental resources management, and this enthusiasm translates into the brilliant wetlands-delineation application they have developed. Ecobot is an app we strongly recommend.

Success Stories with Arrow GNSS and Ecobot

Foggy Forest

ESI increases wetlands mapping project profits by 20% using Arrow GNSS and Ecobot

Environmental Solutions & Innovations switched to Ecobot app and Arrow GNSS to replace a slow and cumbersome legacy mobile mapping solution.

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Foggy Forest

Customer Spotlight: Scott Denham Navigates Wetlands with Mobile GNSS

Scott Denham uses Arrow GNSS and the Ecobot app for wetlands management projects. Learn what drives Scott to find the most efficient tech.

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What Customers Say about Arrow GNSS and Ecobot

I was able to get data from the field team at 2 p.m. on Friday every week. I could then complete quality checks and submit the entire week’s delineation results to the client by 5 p.m., rather than sorting through them all weekend. In addition, for the field team, using Ecobot to plow through the wetland delineations more quickly on such a large project was great for team morale.

Wetlands & Permitting Manager, Environmental Solutions & Innovations, Inc.

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