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Do you have a mobile field data collection project? Are you looking for the right field app? If you’re like most Eos Positioning Systems®, Inc. (Eos) customers, you need something easy to use, affordable, and reliable in a variety of environments. That’s why the Eos partner apps listing makes it easy to identify fully compatible mobile applications for Arrow Series™ receivers. Eos has worked closely with each partner on this list to ensure seamless integration and the best user experience.

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Cloud-Based Apps: Collector, Survey123, ArcPad

Esri is the world’s leading provider of GIS and mapping platform solutions. Esri offers several apps for mobile field data collection, for any device, which support the Arrow Series™. Esri Apps for Eos include Collector for ArcGIS, Survey123, and ArcPad.

Windows Compatibility
Apple compatibility
Android compatibility


Cloud-Based App: AmigoCollect

AmigoCloud is an Eos software partner. The AmigoCloud app for Eos is AmigoCollect. AmigoCollect makes it easy to visualize, collect, edit and share large geospatial datasets using standard smartphones and tablets – even when offline.

Apple compatibility
Android compatibility


Cloud-Based App: CartoPac Mobile

CartoPac International is a software partner of Eos and leading provider of enterprise geospatial platforms for utilities. The CartoPac app for Eos is CartoPac Mobile. CartoPac Mobile provides field data collection tools to accurately map, inventory, inspect and maintain field assets.

Windows Compatibility
Apple compatibility


Standalone Apps: iCMTGIS PRO, PC-Mapper, Field CE Survey

Corvallis Microtechnology, Inc. (CMT) is an Eos software partner. CMT is a leading manufacturer of field solutions for forestry, utility, fisheries, wildlife and environmental industries. There are a variety of CMT apps for Eos, including iCMTGIS PRO, PC-Mapper, and Field CE Survey.

Windows Compatibility
Apple compatibility
Android compatibility


Standalone App: DigiTerra Explorer

DigiTerra® is an Eos software partner. DigiTerra (aka “Digital Earth”) provides forestry, land and parcel, farming, agriculture, and environmental solutions. The DigiTerra app for Eos is DigiTerra Explorer — an app for mobile field mapping, data collection, maintenance & field-to-office workflows.

Windows Compatibility

GeoMobile Innovations

Cloud-Based App: GeoBullseye

GeoMobile Innovations is an Eos software partner. GeoMobile is a leading provider of geospatial, mobile technology solutions. GeoMobile specializes in the distribution and support of field data technology and mobile GIS and GPS equipment, consulting, and training. The GeoMobile app for Eos is GeoBullseye for ArcPad.

Windows Compatibility

GI Geoinformatik GmbH

ArcGIS Runtime app: GI Mobil RT

GI Geoinformatik GmbH is an Esri partner in Germany. Their mobile app is built on ArcGIS Runtime and is available for Windows. With GI Mobil RT, as an “extended arm” of the geographic information systems in the office, field staff can collect, update, analyze and visualize information on site and use all possibilities of GNSS-based data acquisition.

Windows Compatibility


Standalone App: mapitGIS

mapitGIS is an Eos software partner. mapitGIS provides a powerful mobile app for spatial surveying, data collection and data management for Android. The mapitGIS app for Eos is mapitGIS.

Android compatibility

SST Software

Cloud-Based App: Sirrus

SST Software (SST) is an Eos software partner. SST provides all the pieces necessary for a successful precision agricultural program — with a desktop GIS, in-field mobility solutions, automated task processing, grower communication tools and seamless third-party integration. The SST app for Eos is Sirrus.

Apple compatibility


Standalone App: tMap

TAXUS IT is an Eos software partner. They provide new technology and specialist software for institutions working in the protection of the natural environment in the broad sense of the word, such as forestry and environmental protection. The TAXUS IT app for Eos is tMap.

Android compatibility


Cloud-Based App: TerraGo Edge

TerraGo is a software partner of Eos. The company makes mobile apps that make it easy for our customers to collect, share and collaborate with location-based data to improve efficiency and decision making. The TerraGo app for Eos is TerraGo Edge.

Apple compatibility
Android compatibility


Standalone App: SPOT

SPOT is a field technology, compatible with iOS devices, that provides pipeline traceability, patent-pending jeepable barcodes, and digital forms that take data collection and communication to the next level

Windows Compatibility
Apple compatibility

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