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Five Resources to Get You Started with External Bluetooth® GPS Receivers

Five Resources to Get You Started with External Bluetooth® GPS Receivers GNSS GIS Eos Arrow

Want to use external Bluetooth® GPS receivers in your work, but not sure where to start? Eos has compiled five resources to help you get started on your journey.

FAQ: Comparing New Arrow Plus Models: Arrow Gold®, Arrow Gold+™, Arrow 100®, Arrow 100+™

Compare Arrow Gold, Arrow Gold+ Plus, Arrow 100 and Arrow 100+ plus and standard models

The Arrow Gold+™ and Arrow 100+™ “plus model” GNSS receivers are closely related to their sister “standard model” receivers (Arrow Gold®, Arrow 100®). This FAQ guide explains key differences.

Arrow GNSS: Get to Know GNSS Receiver Terminology

Arrow GNSS- Get to know receiver terminology GPS GIS

What do “SBAS,” “RTK,” “GNSS” and other GPS terms stand for, and what is their significance? This article explains important GNSS acronyms.

Upgrading Arrow GNSS After the May 2018 Atlas® Frequency Change

Upgrade your Arrow GNSS receiver after Atlas subscription service frequency change May 2018

By downloading & installing the upgrade or performing a manual tune, you’ll ensure your Arrow receiver works with the new Atlas frequency change. Here’s how.

Atlas® Service: Get Higher Accuracy in Remote Areas

Atlas Service - Getting higher accuracy in remote areas (like the Sahara) GPS GIS GNSS receivers

How can you get high-accuracy data corrections in the world’s most remote areas? In this article, Eos explains two options: Atlas service or SafeRTK™.

What is Atlas®? Paid Differential Correction Service in Remote Areas

What is Atlas subscription correction service, Arrow 200, GNSS receiver, GPS receiver, centimeter survey grade accuracy

Atlas™ is a worldwide GNSS differential correction service, offering the most innovative base station-free corrections via L-Band satellites at accuracies ranging from meter level to a few centimeters. The Eos Arrow Gold GNSS provides worldwide decimeter positioning to your device.