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Is your utility’s GIS a “Digital Twin” … or a digital mutant”?

Is your utility's GIS a Digital Twin ... or a digital mutant GPS GNSS Bill Meehan Esri Electric Utilities ArcGIS

The increasing capabilities of GIS to serve as a digital twin is creating an opportunity for, and desire among, many utilities to re-evaluate data quality.

High-accuracy data collection for Beginners: Choosing a field solution

High-Accuracy Data Collection for Beginners- How to Choose a GNSS Field Solution GPS GIS

High-accuracy data collection has come a long way since the USA launched the first GNSS constellation, GPS, in the 1970s. Today, all you need to get started with submeter or centimeter data collection is a smart device, a collection app, and a GNSS receiver that works with both.

What is SBAS differential correction service … and how reliable is it?


What is SBAS? In this article, discover how to get real-time submeter differential corrections for free, and where it’s possible.

Atlas® Service: Get higher accuracy in remote areas

Atlas Service - Getting higher accuracy in remote areas (like the Sahara) GPS GIS GNSS receivers

How can you get high-accuracy data corrections in the world’s most remote areas? In this article, Eos explains two options: Atlas service or SafeRTK™.

Elevation for Beginners: What to know about GPS receiver elevation


What is the difference between the ellipsoid, mean sea level, geoid, geoid height, and orthometric height? Here’s everything to know about elevation.

Why doesn’t your GPS data line up with your GIS data?

Why doesn't your GPS data line up with your GIS data GNSS

Why Doesn’t My GPS Data Line up with My GIS? Eos explains common challenges to GNSS workflows on any device, and what to do to fix them.

ArcGIS Collector Webinar: Getting started with high-accuracy data collection

ArcGIS Collector Webinar- Getting started with high-accuracy data collection GPS GNSS GIS Esri video ipad

Learn how to create your ArcGIS organizational account, build & share web maps, collect & edit features and attributes in Collector, and use your Arrow GPS.

Site Scan Manager: How to get orthomosaics accurate to an inch


In this article, we show you how to generate accurate orthomosaics and DEMs by setting up just 5 ground control points (GCPs) and using Site Scan Manager.

SBAS: Getting free submeter GNSS corrections globally

How to Get Free GPS Sub-Meter Corrections with SBAS Satellite Systems GPS GIS Mapping

This article gives you an overview of the available global SBAS systems, as well as their coverage areas and what accuracy to expect.