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10 Posts Our Readers Loved In 2019: Favorite Case Studies

To celebrate the upcoming new year (and new decade!), Eos Positioning Systems will be counting down some of our top posts from 2019. Follow our Twitter handle (@EosGNSS) for daily updates until the New Year! Or — if you prefer browsing all at once — keep scrolling! 

Counting Down to Number 1 …

10) Woodland Park Zoo Case Study

Eos Laser Mapping for ArcGIS, Esri, LTI, laser rangefinders

Lions, tigers, and laser mapping — oh my! Woodland Park Zoo kicks off our New Years countdown! This Woodland Park Zoo (WPZ) success story is one of our favorites of all time. Who wouldn’t love a story that combines one of our favorite recreational haunts (i.e., zoos!) with one of our favorite professional tools (i.e., GIS!) 

Using our Eos Laser Mapping™ solution for ArcGIS, WPZ was able to bring 120 years of infrastructure and gardens into a single set of maps.

Thanks to Dann Block for sharing his story last year at the 2019 Esri UC!

9) DDSI Case Study

FEATURE IMAGE - Success Story - DDSI - Arrow gold laser offset routine copy.jpg

Yet another laser mapping success story comes in at number 9. This time, DDSI used the same laser mapping solution to increase per-project profitability! By speeding up field work and increasing productivity on telecommunication-site surveys, they drastically improved their profit margins.

Curious how they did it? Read the case study!

8) TCEC Case Study

Arrow Gold for Field Staking: TCEC Improves Customer Service with Real-Time ArcGIS Access via Futura GIS; Eos Positioning Systems case study - TRI COUNTY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE TCEC in TEXAS uses Eos Arrow Gold and Arrow 200 for field staking of electric construction sites with Futura Systems' FieldPro staking app on iOS; shown here is part of the TCEC team performing field staking

At number 8 in our New Years countdown, TCEC shows off one of the most impressive ROIs in an Eos success story to date! The Texas co-op’s migration to an enterprise Futura GIS with high-accuracy location from Eos Arrow Gold GNSS receivers yielded tens of thousands of dollars saved each month from improvements to field staking, outage management and underground locate workflows.

7) Niagara Region Case Study

Arrow Gold for Locates: Niagara Region Keeps Infrastructure Safe with Centimeter Accuracy from RTK Base Station and Arrow Gold Locations in Collector for ArcGIS®; shown here they test the rover

It’s no surprise to see Niagara Region make our New Years countdown! Coming in at number 7, Niagara Region deployed a real-time GNSS data collection system using their own Arrow Gold RTK base station. They were then able to implement a real-time ArcGIS workflow that improved their ability to keep infrastructure safe through locates! Talk about impressive.

6) Eos Locate Press Release

Number 6 in our New Years countdown is our newest solution release: Eos Locate™ for ArcGIS is the world’s first real-time, high-accuracy, underground-mapping solution for utilities using Esri Collector. All a field worker needs is an Eos Arrow GNSS receiver (any model, Arrow Gold recommended), Esri Collector, and a compatible locator device. This has been one of our most exciting new developments to date, and we are so thrilled to see it make the top 10 just two months after its release!

5) Texas Drone Consultancy Case Study


Kicking off the top 5 of our list is our success story with Raptor Aerial Services, a Texas drone consultancy. With their UAV-mapping technology, the consultancy was able to reach new heights at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. They gave the park rangers a brand-new updated orthophoto mosaic, digital elevation model, and 3D topographic map, achieved with an Arrow Gold for ground control points (GCPs)!

4) Esri UC Blog Posts

Event - Article - Image - 2019-07-03 - Hilton Bayfront Social Esri Water copy

Of course, the Esri User Conference made it into our most popular posts of 2019!  As a Silver Sponsor, Eos took the UC to a new level this year. With hundreds of customers, dozens of demos, four user sessions, and two hosted lunches, the 2019 Esri UC was a massive success! 

We’re cheating a little bit, and combining two posts here:

First, our preview post showed attendees to the UC all the social events we recommended. 

Second, after the fact, our highlights recap blog post made waves, especially with this brief 1-minute recap video, which you can watch below!

3) Alaska Utility Case Study

Better Asset Acquisition with Arrow 100: Alaska Utility Pinpoints Water and Sewer Assets on the Last Frontier

Ranking in at number 3 of the New Years countdown is one of our favorite success stories, because it combines the Last Frontier with the Future of Work! 

Faced with extreme weather conditions and geography, Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility adopted a forward-thinking, five-year GIS asset-management plan, jump-started with the Arrow 100 GNSS receivers, Esri Portal for ArcGIS, and Collector for #ArcGIS.

2) ArcGIS QuickCapture Supporting Arrow Press Release

Feature Image - Press Release - Velo Quebec ArcGIS QuickCapture Eos Positioning Systems

We’re getting close to the most popular post of the year!

For number 2 of our New Years countdown, we have one of our biggest announcements of the year! The release of ArcGIS QuickCapture with support for all Arrow Series® GNSS receiver models — perfected “precision on the go.” 

Check out the video below for all the info on the release!

1) Orthometric Heights Press Release

Eos Announces Orthometric Height Support for Arrow GNSS Receivers (Survey-Grade Elevations)

It’s time! We’ve finally reached NUMBER 1 of the New Years countdown! This is the post YOU (or at leasts, people *like* you) liked the most from 2019, published on our website. 

It comes from a post we did last year, when we released one of our coolest solutions to date: Real-time orthometric (geoid) height support for field workers who no longer want to manually convert their elevation (Z) values

The announcement of orthometric height support for the Eos all Arrow Series® was a game-changer for mobile data collection. With the help of Eos Tools Pro, it became possible to record orthometric heights directly in the field without the need for post-processing.

Here’s to 10 more in 2020!

The entire Eos team would like to thank everyone who contributed to these articles to make them happen!  We are continually blown away by the support and friendship of our customers, partners, resellers, and associates.  We mean that individually. 

From success stories to solution releases — and a whole lot of memorable events — this year has been incredible, all thanks to people like you who make our journey special, and who engage our posts and keep us thinking of more great ways to share our joint endeavors. 

To be a part of the magic next year, please subscribe to our monthly newsletter. 

To follow along the social media countdown, follow us on Twitter (@EosGNSS)! The countdown starts Monday December 23 and ends on New Years Day!

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