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ArcGIS Collector is the original map-based data collection app from Eos partner Esri. Collector has supported Arrow GNSS locations and metadata since 2016. The combination of Arrow GNSS and Collector is ideal for customers who work in Esri-centric environments, but wish to have greater accuracy as they take their ArcGIS maps into the field. Collector can also be used with several Eos solutions, such as Eos Laser Mapping™, Eos Locate™ for underground utility mapping. If you haven’t already started to use Collector, we recommend considering ArcGIS Field Maps, which according to Esri will eventually replace Collector. 

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Collect Accurate Locations

ArcGIS Collector seamlessly integrates with Arrow GNSS receivers to collect high-accuracy locations, elevations, and metadata.

Easily Add GPS

Adding GPS to your current Collector workflow is easy. Just add the GNSS metadata fields to your feature layer and start mapping.

Update Existing Assets' Accuracy

Update the geospatial accuracy of existing assets by re-mapping them with Collector and Arrow GNSS in the field. 

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Map Assets from Afar

Collect assets safely and accurately from a distance using ArcGIS Collector with our Eos Laser Mapping™ solution.

Map Buried Utilities

Map underground infrastructure accurately, in real time, straight to ArcGIS by using Eos Locate™ with ArcGIS Collector.

Easy to Use

According to customer feedback, the average time to train a new field worker on ArcGIS Collector with Arrow GNSS is under 15 minutes!

Consider the Arrow Bundle

U.S. purchasers are eligible to bundle Arrow GNSS receivers with flexible ArcGIS licensing from authorized Eos resellers.

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What We Like about this Partner App: ArcGIS Collector

Device Agnostic

ArcGIS Collector supports Arrow GNSS receivers on iOS®, Android and Windows devices. 

Flexible and Familiar

Choosing ArcGIS Collector allows you to stay within your familiar Esri environment, while gaining higher accuracy from Arrow GNSS receivers.

High Level Support

Eos representatives can provide you with fast, free technical support as you set up ArcGIS Collector with Arrow GNSS receivers. 

A Proven Mobile Mapping Choice

ArcGIS Collector and Arrow GNSS have been a perfect match since 2016, when Esri started to support Arrow GNSS metadata. Since then, the user base has grown exponentially. Starting in 2020, Esri released the app that will eventually replace Collector, called ArcGIS Field Maps. Migrating takes minutes, and our team can help.

Success Stories with Arrow GNSS and ArcGIS Collector

Foggy Forest

Mapping a Rural Texas Water System with High Accuracy

Rockett SUD streamlined field work and freed up office staff with a new rural water GNSS mapping solution that combines hardware and software from Eos and Esri.

More Info
Foggy Forest

Australian Organization Surveys Remote Archeology Sites

Hear how one Australian company uses Arrow 100® for heritage management alongside ArcGIS Collector. Originally presented at Ozri 2020.

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Foggy Forest

City of Burnaby pivots Parks GIS team during COVID-19 response

The City of Burnaby pivoted its GPS and GIS technology during COVID to map new social-distancing signs and keep the public informed.

More Info

What Customers Say about Arrow GNSS and ArcGIS Collector

The Arrow connected to Collector is truly revolutionizing GIS for our customers. So good to see Esri and Eos working together to pair these two technologies to streamline and improve field data collection.

GIS Department Manager, Anderson Perry & Associates Inc

Companies Using Arrow GNSS Receivers with ArcGIS Collector

Eos Solutions Compatible with ArcGIS Collector

Eos Locate for ArcGIS Esri Collector Field Maps Eos Tools Pro underground utility mapping GIS GNSS

Eos Locate™ for ArcGIS®

Eos Locate™ for ArcGIS allows you to map buried utilities directly into your Esri ArcGIS environment with survey-grade accuracy from Arrow GNSS, in near real time with just the push of a button. 

Learn more about Eos Locate™ >

Eos Laser Mapping™ for ArcGIS

Eos Laser Mapping™ for ArcGIS allows you to collect assets from afar with survey-grade accuracy. This is helpful when assets you wish to collect are located in either difficult or unsafe locations to occupy, or in GNSS-impaired environments.

Learn more about Eos Laser Mapping™ >

Eos Laser Mapping: Laser offsets and sideshots for Esri ArcGIS with Laser Tech LTI laser rangefinders and Eos Arrow GNSS receivers GPS mapping, total station like workflow
Eos Tools Pro orthometric height conversions GEOID Models elevations accurate Z coordinate GPS GNSS elevation ellipsoidal height

Survey-Grade Elevations

Eos offers free, real-time GEOID height conversions to customers using our Arrow Series® GNSS receivers. These real-time conversions eliminate the need post-processing Z values.

Learn More about Orthometric Heights in Eos Tools Pro >

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