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Eos Positioning Systems Releases the Arrow Gold® GNSS Receiver with SafeRTK®

October 11, 2016
The Arrow Gold® RTK GNSS receiver is at the time of release, the world's most advanced RTK Bluetooth® GNSS receiver for any consumer mobile device.

Eos Positioning Systems confirms Esri ArcGIS Collector 10.4 supports Arrow GNSS receivers

July 27, 2016
Eos and Esri announced that GNSS metadata in Collector will be supported in the app's 10.4, allowing field workers to collect GNSS metadata from Arrow.

Eos Positioning Systems Partners with SST Software for Precision Agriculture

April 26, 2016
SST Software and Eos customers now have a seamless solution to perform high-accuracy, precision agriculture in the field using commercial devices.

Eos Positioning Systems partners with TerraGo for Efficient GNSS Data Collection

January 22, 2016
TerraGo and Eos customers will be able to turn consumer mobile devices into high-accuracy data collection devices to save time and cut costs.

Eos Positioning Systems Releases Eos Tools Pro on Android for Live GNSS Status Monitoring

January 20, 2016
Eos Tools Pro on Android supports RTK connectivity for reliable submeter and cm data monitoring in the field, on any consumer Android smartphone or tablet.

Enmapp chooses Arrow GNSS and TerraGo Edge for Canadian pipeline mapping

January 13, 2016
Enmapp switches to TerraGo Edge and Arrow GNSS in a response to falling oil prices. The move will help Enmapp provide competitive pipeline services in Canada.

Eos Positioning Systems releases the Arrow 200® Receiver with RTK support

August 12, 2015
The Arrow 200® is the world's 1st GNSS receiver to achieve decimeter or better real-time accuracy nearly anywhere with Atlas® H10 correction service.

Eos Positioning Systems expands Arrow Series® with subfoot Arrow 100® GNSS receiver

December 17, 2014
Eos announced today the release of the Arrow 100® GNSS receiver for real-time submeter positioning on any consumer mobile device.

Eos Positioning Systems Launches New Line of High-Accuracy Arrow Series® GNSS Receivers

September 23, 2014
Arrow Series® GNSS receivers support real-time, submeter or cm field positioning. They are compatible with all smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth®.