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Interview: Journal La Revue Explores the History of Eos

Interview - Journal La Revue Explores the History of Eos Positioning Systems GPS GNSS GIS Jean-Yves Lauture, Marcel Belanger

Jean-Marc Gilbert reports on the founding philosophy & history of Eos Positioning Systems. This was originally published in “Journal La Revue de Terrebonne” in French.

Is Your Utility’s GIS a “Digital Twin” … or a Digital Mutant”?

Is your utility's GIS a Digital Twin ... or a digital mutant GPS GNSS Bill Meehan Esri Electric Utilities ArcGIS

The increasing capabilities of GIS to serve as a digital twin is creating an opportunity for, and desire among, many utilities to re-evaluate data quality.

Upgrading Arrow GNSS After the May 2018 Atlas® Frequency Change

Upgrade your Arrow GNSS receiver after Atlas subscription service frequency change May 2018

By downloading & installing the upgrade or performing a manual tune, you’ll ensure your Arrow receiver works with the new Atlas frequency change. Here’s how.

High-Accuracy Data Collection for Beginners: Choosing a Field Solution

High-Accuracy Data Collection for Beginners- How to Choose a GNSS Field Solution GPS GIS

High-accuracy data collection has come a long way since the USA launched the first GNSS constellation, GPS, in the 1970s. Today, all you need to get started with submeter or centimeter data collection is a smart device, a collection app, and a GNSS receiver that works with both.

What Is SBAS Differential Correction Service … and How Reliable Is It?


What is SBAS? In this article, discover how to get real-time submeter differential corrections for free, and where it’s possible.

Atlas® Service: Get Higher Accuracy in Remote Areas

Atlas Service - Getting higher accuracy in remote areas (like the Sahara) GPS GIS GNSS receivers

How can you get high-accuracy data corrections in the world’s most remote areas? In this article, Eos explains two options: Atlas service or SafeRTK™.