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How to fix the Bluetooth® Disconnection Bug in iOS® 12.2/12.3

How to fix the Bluetooth® disconnection bug in iOS 12.2_12.3 GNSS GPS GIS Apple

While awaiting a permanent fix from Apple, Eos released a patch for affected customers to fix the iOS 12.2/12.3 bluetooth disconnect issue. Follow our steps.

How To Set Up Your Arrow Gold As A Base Station

Eos Arrow Gold base station RTK GNSS differential correction source centimeter survey-grade accuracy

This article walks you through how to set up your Arrow Gold as a base station to broadcast your own local corrections for remote and no-cell areas.

Eos Tools Pro: Activate the “Battery Status Monitor” on Android

How to Activate the New Eos Tools Pro “Battery Status Monitor” on Android GPS GNSS GIS

To activate the new Eos Tools Pro “Battery Status Monitor” on Android, borrow an iOS device for a few minutes and follow these steps.

High-Accuracy Data Collection for Beginners: Choosing a Field Solution

High-Accuracy Data Collection for Beginners- How to Choose a GNSS Field Solution GPS GIS

High-accuracy data collection has come a long way since the USA launched the first GNSS constellation, GPS, in the 1970s. Today, all you need to get started with submeter or centimeter data collection is a smart device, a collection app, and a GNSS receiver that works with both.

ArcGIS Collector: How to Configure Collector on Android with Arrow GNSS

ArcGIS Collector - How to configure Collector on Android with Arrow GNSS GPS GIS Esri video iPad mobile mapping

This video walks you through each step of configuring Esri ArcGIS Collector with Arrow Series® GNSS receiver and Eos Tools Pro for Android.