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Woodland Park Zoo Transforms GIS with Laser Mapping

Woodland Park Zoo Esri UC presentation Dann Block

The Woodland Park Zoo Laser Mapping project enabled infrastructure (utility, gardens, etc.) basemaps with submeter accuracy for the first time in 120 years!

Eos and Esri Make Urban Forestry Easy

EPC Eos Montreal case study Esri Forestry urban forestry GPS mapping invasive species

Eos and Esri go together in Montreal, where Arrow GNSS and Collector help fight an invasive species. Montreal is also special to Eos CTO Jean-Yves Lauture.

DDSI Increases Profit Margins with GNSS Laser Mapping

DDSI uses Eos Laser Mapping solution with Arrow Gold, LTI TruPulse 200X, and ArcGIS Collector to map mixed utility assets (electric, telco, water) for client projects

Denver’s DDSI uses laser mapping in Esri Collector with Arrow Gold for construction design. They map utility locates with submeter accuracy in tough areas.

DDSI Presents at Esri GeoConX

Video Case Study: DDSI Laser Mapping Presentation at Esri GeoConX; DENVER DDSI laser mapping for utility locates at telecommunications sites with Eos Positioning Systems RTK laser mapping solution, ESRI GIS, and laser technology inc TRUPULSE 200x rangefinder in Colorado

DDSI at Esri GeoConX explains how they accelerated field work, enabled real-time QA/QC and reduced accuracy error for utility field work with laser mapping.

Ports of Auckland Demonstrates Arrow Gold with ArcGIS

Port of Auckland uses Eos Arrow Gold RTK receiver with Esri Collector to verify port construction is being performed according to designs, down to the cm.

Ports of Auckland uses Eos Arrow Gold RTK receiver with Esri Collector to verify port construction is being performed according to designs, down to the cm.

Texas Co-op Improves Customer Service with Futura and Arrow

Arrow Gold for Field Staking: TCEC Improves Customer Service with Real-Time ArcGIS Access via Futura GIS; Eos Positioning Systems case study - TRI COUNTY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE TCEC in TEXAS uses Eos Arrow Gold and Arrow 200 for field staking of electric construction sites with Futura Systems' FieldPro staking app on iOS; shown here is part of the TCEC team performing field staking

Real-time access to enterprise ArcGIS via Futura & FieldPro helped TCEC achieve 4-hour as-builting. They used Arrow Gold for field staking GNSS locations.

Video Case Study: Niagara Region and GPS Precision

Video Case Study: Niagara Region and GPS Precision with Arrow Gold and Collector for ArcGIS for Water Locates; shown here is their interview with GPS Precision of Canada

Niagara Region and GPS Precision get together to discuss how they put together an Arrow Gold RTK base station for pipe locates at Ontario water facilities.

Niagara Region Keeps Infrastructure Safe with RTK Locates

Arrow Gold for Locates: Niagara Region Keeps Infrastructure Safe with Centimeter Accuracy from RTK Base Station and Arrow Gold Locations in Collector for ArcGIS®; shown here they test the rover

Niagara Region used Arrow Gold for locates, deploying real-time GNSS data collection with their own RTK base station and Esri ArcGIS Collector.

City of Gastonia PUD Looks to the Future of GIS with Valve Exercising

CASE STUDY - CITY OF GASTONIA Gastonia Two Rivers Utility valve exercising with Arrow 100 GNSS receivers

Using Arrow 100 for valve exercising let Two Rivers Utilities add hundreds of valves to their GIS and prepare for tracing on the Esri Utility Network.

Alaska Utility Pinpoints Water and Wastewater Assets

Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility Feature Image

Anchorage kicked off a 5-year GIS master plan with a GPS project using Arrow 100 for asset acquisition with Esri’s ArcGIS Collector and ArcGIS Enterprise.