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Customer Spotlight: B. J. Malone Turns Experience into Efficiency with GPS and GIS

B. J. Malone Hero Image 2

B. J. Malone implemented high-accuracy GNSS workflows to locate above and below-ground water assets precisely and efficiently.

Customer Spotlight: Damon Nelton Brings High-Accuracy GIS to Gas Utilities

Damon Nelton Customer Spotlight Feature Image

Damon Nelton overcame many challenges to develop a real-time, GPS as-builting workflow for gas-utility construction projects.

Customer Spotlight: Ellie Chao Brings the Power of Maps to Utility Clients

Customer Spotlight Ellie Chao Brings the Power of Maps to Utility Clients

Learn how Ellie Chao uses Eos Arrow Gold® GNSS receivers with ArcGIS Field Maps to increase trust in the accuracy of data for her utility clients.

Customer Spotlight: Erin Mara Increases Pipeline Mapping Productivity with GNSS

Customer Spotlight Erin Mara Increases Pipeline Mapping Productivity with GNSS

Erin Mara uses Eos Arrow 100® GNSS receivers with ArcGIS Survey123 to save her field crew hundreds of work hours, as they serve Midwestern pipeline clients.

Customer Spotlight: Priyesh Patel, the “Bat Man” of GIS

Customer Spotlight Priyesh Patel Feature Image

Priyesh Patel uses Eos Arrow 100® GNSS receivers with Esri ArcGIS® apps to aid the preservation of one of Earth’s most precious animals: bats.

Customer Spotlight: Nora Toro Brings Confidence to Clients

Customer Spotlight Nora Toro with Eos Arrow GNSS

Learn how Nora Toro uses Eos Arrow GNSS receivers to help coworkers find optimal high-accuracy data collection workflows and strengthen trust in their data.

Customer Spotlight: Mike Markowski Uncovers Archeology with High-Accuracy GIS

Mike Markowski Employs High-Accuracy Eos Arrow 100 GNSS receiver for Archaeology

Mike Markowski turns to modern technology to learn about stories of the past. Learn how he uses high-accuracy Arrow 100 GNSS® to uncover archeology!

Customer Spotlight: Summer Roberts Pairs Winemaking with GIS

Customer Spotlight - Summer Roberts Uses Eos Arrow GNSS to Map Vineyards with High Accuracy

Did you know GIS might be behind your glass of wine? Learn how Summer Roberts uses GNSS to map vineyard properties in California.

Customer Spotlight: Zack Henry Helps Customers Succeed with High-Accuracy GIS

Customer Spotlight Zack Henry Customer Spotlight Hero Image - Using Eos Arrow Gold GNSS for High-Accuracy GIS with Encepta

Zack Henry uses an Arrow Gold® with ArcGIS Field Maps for efficient data collection for utilities. When his clients succeed, Zack succeeds — and he brings that attitude to all his work.

Customer Spotlight: Amber Kuehn Uses High-Accuracy Maps to Protect Endangered Sea Turtle Nests

Amber Kuehn Customer Spotlight Hero Image Kissing Endangered Sea Turtle with GNSS GIS GPS map of nests in background

The moment Amber Kuehn first laid eyes on a sea turtle, she knew she would be spending her life advocating for them. Learn how she uses Arrow GNSS to protect this endangered species.