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Our success starts and ends with our customers. Each month, Eos feature new stories and customer spotlights to highlight how professionals around the world are taking advantage of submeter and centimeter locations in their mobile mapping workflows. Browse case studies, videos, customer spotlights and more to gain ideas on how external GNSS receivers can help transform work at your organization.

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Le-Ax Water District needed to GPS above-ground assets with a low budget. They used Arrow 100 for rural water data collection with Esri Collector.
Le-Ax Water District and Esri discuss how the Arrow 100 and Esri Collector enabled them to collect high-accuracy asset and attribute data on a budget.
By Jeff Shaner, source: ArcGIS Blog. ArcGIS Collector is adding exciting new capabilities to the next release that let you map your assets (eg hydrants).
Canadian services company Enmapp saved thousands of dollars by switching from legacy GPS to the Arrow 100 for pipeline data collection with TerraGo Edge.