Laser Mapping


Collect High-Accuracy Location Where GNSS Receivers Struggle

Eos is excited to bring the mapping community the world’s first Laser Mapping solution for Collector for ArcGIS®. Laser Mapping enables centimeter-accurate and 3D location on iOS devices running Collector for ArcGIS. Laser Mapping is available on iPad and iPhone in conjunction with our partnership between Esri and Laser Technology (LTI).

Who is this Solution for?

Finally: Now there is a laser-mapping solution that enables field crews to easily, quickly, and safely capture assets location — anywhere.  The Eos Laser Mapping solution is for field crews that need to map hard-to-occupy assets without occupying every single point. This is common when assets are located on busy highways, streets, swamplands/vegetation, downtown areas, and in other hard-to-reach, unsafe, or GNSS-impaired environments. Field crews are already using laser mapping for utilities, municipal, transportation, and environmental applications.

Solution Partners:

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Key Features

World’s 1st Laser Mapping solution for Collector for ArcGIS on iOS

“Point and Shoot” eliminates need to physically occupy every point

Supports 3D asset mapping in GNSS-impaired environments

Compatible with Apple iOS devices (e.g., iPad, iPhone)

Complete solution combining industry-leading technologies

3 types of laser data-collection workflows to meet your needs

3 Laser Mapping Workflow Options to Meet Your Needs

Workflow 1: Range-Range/Intersect

Best for:

  1. Mapping a small number of assets (1-3) per measurement session
  2. Portability and mobility

Things to Consider:

  1. For centimeter accuracy, we recommend field crews are using or ready to use an Arrow 200 or Arrow Gold with a rangepole.
  2. For submeter accuracy, we recommend the Arrow 100, and you have the option of using the TruPulse can as a hand-held.

Standard Components:

Recommended Accessories:

Workflow 1 Walkthrough:

  1. Occupy Control Point 1 and log GNSS point
  2. Aim and shoot at Target
  3. Occupy Control Point 2 and log GNSS point
  4. Aim at same Target
  5. Select 1 of the 2 possible solutions from the displayed map. (Ex. if target was on the right of the trajectory from Control Point 1 to Control Point 2, then select the solution on the right of CP1-CP2.)
Range Range Intersect
Range-Range / Intersect Setup
Range Range Intersect
Range-Range / Intersect workflow in the field

How-to Video:

Workflow 2: Range-Backsight

Best for:

  1. Taking multiple measurements from one location
  2. Obtaining a total station-like workflow with precise angular measurements

Things to Consider:

  1. This workflow requires capturing a backsight point, to calibrate the TruAngle angular encoder for true azimuth.

Standard Components:

Recommended Accessories:

Workflow 2 Walkthrough:

  1. Occupy your Backsight Point and log GNSS point
  2. Occupy Control Point and log GNSS point
  3. Aim and shoot at Backsight Point to calibrate TruAngle
  4. Aim and shoot at target
Range Backsight
Range-Backsight Setup
Range Backsight
Range-Backsight workflow in the field

How-To Video:

Workflow 3: Range-Azimuth

Best for:

  1. Fast, submeter mapping
  2. Workflows where high portability is an asset

Things to Consider:

  1. The built-in compass of the LTI TruPulse 360 must be field-calibrated

Standard Components:

Recommended Accessories:

Workflow 3 Walkthrough:

  1. Occupy Control point and Log GNSS point
  2. Aim and shoot at target
  3. Enter Distance/Azimuth/Inclination values manually
  4. Note: This will require a manual entry of values from your TruPulse 360/R
Range Azimuth
Range-Azimuth Setup
Range Azimuth
Range-Azimuth workflow in the field

How-To Graphic:

Graphic courtesy of LTI: Range-Azimuth Workflow


± 5 cm Combined Accuracy of the Laser Mapping Solution

Accuracy of Eos Arrow GNSS Receiver

Accuracy of Trupulse 200x Laser Rangefinder

  • Distance Accuracy: ± 4 cm (1.5 in)
  • Inclination Accuracy: ± 0.1° Typical
  • Max range to reflective targets: 2500 m (8,200 ft)

Accuracy of Mapstar TruAngle Angle Encoder

  • LTI Mapstar TruAngle Angle Encoder
  • Sensor Type: Encoder (unaffected by local magnetic interference)
  • Angle Accuracy when Staff—Mounted: ± 0.1 deg
  • Angle Accuracy when Tripod—Mounted:± 0.05 deg


RTK Laser Mapping for Collector for ArcGIS PDF

Published by our friends at Laser Technology Inc.

How to Get Started with RTK Laser Mapping

"LaserGIS®: Your Gateway to Collect More GIS Data in Less Time"

Webinar Recording, as hosted by GPS World

Watch the free 60-minute webinar from GPS World and Laser Technology. Webinar is intended for beginners to experienced field data collectors to inquire about mapping with high-accuracy laser technology.

Fill out the registration form to be directed to the recording.


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