Hardware for Arrow: Mobile Devices, Lasers, and Other Supported Hardware

Eos Positioning Systems®, Inc. (Eos) partners with a variety of partners to bring you supported hardware for Arrow Series™ receivers. Arrow receivers work on any iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Mobile device. In addition to tablets and smartphones, Arrow is also compatible with a variety of in-demand gear for the field professional, including laser rangefinders and rugged gear.

Browse the partners below to view the most popular hardware paired with Arrow.


iOS Recommendations

Partner: Apple

The Eos Arrow Series™ provided the world’s first iOS GNSS receivers to support submeter, centimeter, and RTK data collection on iPhones and iPads. The ease of use, low cost point, and large variety of data collection apps make iPhones and iPads a popular choice for high-accuracy field work with Arrow receivers.

Android Recommendations

Partners: Ecom Instruments, Panasonic

The Eos Arrow Series™ is compatible with a wide variety of Android smartphone and tablets. Browse our partners below to find the Android devices for Arrow we recommend. The Eos Tools Pro location monitoring app and a variety of other tools are also available for free for Android users.

Windows Recommendations

Partner: Panasonic

There is a wide variety of Windows and Windows Mobile devices for Arrow. In addition, Eos provides a number of helpful utility tools — such as Eos GNSS Tools, Eos Server, and Arrow USB Drivers — to enable data sharing from your GNSS receiver to Windows or Windows Mobile devices.

Laser Recommendations

Partner: Laser Technology, Inc. (LTI)

Keep your field crews at a safe distance. Laser Technology is an Eos partner, and the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative laser-based speed and distance measurement instruments. LTI manufacturers laser rangefinders for Arrow workflows, so your crews can take high-accuracy data from a distance.

Chestpack Recommendations

Partner: Tablet EX Gear

Keep your crews hands-free and happy. Tablet EX Gear offers a variety of chestpacks designed to help field crews carry all their essential technology. Browse a variety of Tablet EX Gear chestpacks for Arrow.

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